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Who is jd fortune dating

But Fortune's comeback bid starts to unravel when he fails to retrieve a guitar in Los Angeles that he insists he lent to a friend, and which he needed to pawn to pay for rehearsal space.As he reaches an emotional low point, Fortune finally opens up about his INXS days.30, the band will release n, a collection of reworked versions of classic INXS songs featuring vocal turns from a variety of guests, including Ben Harper, Rob Thomas and Fortune, who reimagines the 1991 single “The Stairs.”An eight-date tour of Australia is scheduled to follow in early 2011, which will feature Fortune as the band’s frontman.“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away, man,” he said.“Any time I get a chance to play with these guys is just, I’m front and centre.INXS Sign Global Publishing Deal With Universal; Films, Docos, Musical ‘On The Way’"My partner was watching the show, and I got sucked in," he added. Nisker's riches-to-rags film finds the former rock star hitting rock bottom after a headlong plunge into bankruptcy and homelessness.Fortune left INXS twice before his turbulent global touring with the legendary Aussie rock band ended in 2011."The film isn't about why he (Fortune) blew his opportunity. But the Canadian musician's lower lows are the subject of Andrew Nisker's rock doc Chasing Fortune, set for its world premiere in Toronto on Nov. You'll recall Fortune beat out 14 other contestants to win reality TV guru's Mark Burnett's Rock Star: INXS for CBS in 2005."I knew he'd won the show," Nisker said of Fortune's instant rock stardom as the replacement frontman for Michael Hutchence, who committed suicide in 1997.

"It's the end of an era, and I know how much they all enjoy playing music live.

he's saddened over the news that INXS have ended their touring career.

Drummer Jon Farriss made the announcement in front of 15,000 fans at Australia's Perth Arena on Sunday, the final night of INXS' tour with their latest frontman, Ciaran Gribbin.

It saddens me that after Michael's [Hutchence] death and everything that we went through as a band that they're calling it quits – especially after they had a new guy in for, I think, a year."I'm grateful that our band is moving forward," he adds, "but I'm also saddened that INXS is no longer."Fortune was dropped from INXS last summer after the band had already lined up Gribbin.

He found out when his name was removed from the INXS website just days after he performed with them in Atlanta.

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