Setting and updating of system components depositfales

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Setting and updating of system components depositfales

Alternatively, approaches such as adding a version number check when the settings app starts (to determine which registry values to use) may be appropriate.If an update is being prepared for a registry value that may be changed as the device is used—for example, by a user altering a setting on a menu—provisioning XML (provxml) must be used.If there are no breaking registry changes in the 1.1 device driver code delivered in the update, the user can continue to successfully run the 1.0 version of the settings app.The following diagram summarizes the end state for this scenario.By commenting, you are accepting the IBM commenting guidelines and the DISQUS terms of service.Preloaded system settings apps allow OEMs to expose custom settings for hardware components that they add to a device to differentiate it from other devices.In addition, the user may initiate a backup and restore sequence or reset the device, either of which may change the active version of the settings app.A strategy must be developed to test for and address all of the possible scenarios.

If an update is being prepared to address a changed registry setting, OEMs must identify the possible usage scenarios and test those to create the desired update and application user experience.Alternatively, when the user runs the Store app, pending updates are displayed; these updates include available updates to settings apps.Store updates always upgrade the app from any previous version to the latest available version.Initially both the settings app and the device driver use the same registry setting A, as illustrated here.When the user makes changes using the 1.0 settings app, but the 1.1 driver code is using registry setting B, the settings app will not work as intended.

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Important Because of the complexity of synchronizing the settings app and device drivers, registry setting changes for these apps should be avoided.

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