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We cannot provide this service without your support. How many times have you purchased something just because you “loved the color”?By the time we reach our 60s, we know what we like in most aspects of our lives. When we walk into a store, it is completely natural to gravitate towards items of clothing with colors that we love.The best thing to do is try each item of clothing on and remind yourself to look objectively at how they look next to your skin.

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I attended the 10th anniversary reunion but have not been in Denver to attend the others. I have worked for the same company for thirty years this year and moved to California for the work here. I was very happily married to Jeanette for 23 years until 2004 when she died of breast cancer.

My two oldest sons will complete college next year and my youngest son is a junior in high school.

Has anyone every told you, “That top looks fantastic with your eyes! Most of the time, people actually mean that the color in an item of clothing “matches” our eyes.

According to Melanie, trying to match our clothes to our eyes can be a big mistake.

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Have you ever chosen an item of clothing that you loved because of its color, only to find that it didn’t look good on you?