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Random chats for girls

So this is a two day party including a sleepover so make sure you let people know that they should bring sleepover stuff.

You will also tell your friends to come dressed in fancy clothes.

And with my parties, usually I only get 3 guests out of 15.

It's like the day my birthday is makes my chances of getting half of the guests I invite to actually come goes down by 80%.

That will drop the cost down by 80-90% and be just as fun!

I am 13 and for my birthday I had a afternoon tea with my family and invited some friends over later. We went back inside and had a movie night with heaps of junk food - fantastic!! I think it was a great party and any other girl would love it I am turning 13 in 2 months and have no idea what to do!

) 9.30am-10am - get ready10am-10.30am - go back to complex and climb tree and stuff : D10.30am-11am - walk to the stables!!!

11am - 12am - have horse riding lesson (learn to jump ect.)12am-1pm - go on a treck on horseback!!!!

The next day we walked up to my local riding school and we had a lesson in riding the horses. It was really cool This is a perfect idea for anyone who is a complete girly girl and can afford it. I need ideas for a 13th birthday party girls night out.I'm turning thirteen in one month and I want to have a girls night out sort of theme.If you can help me find a place to go, that would be so great. Reply: It's always helpful to know how much is not too money and how many guests that money has to cover. Where I live there is even a magic show with tigers, etc.For one person 0 for 10 guests will be not too much and for others 0 for 5 guests will be not too much. that is super affordable and provides a great night of entertainment.

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I always have really fun, different parties like last year we went horseback riding and the year before we went to a theme park.