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Example: In a recent advertisement for a freezer, the company used the term its' cool box.

This catapostrophe meant that it was not clear whether the box is cool, or whether the freezer has a cool box. [See prior entry at it's.] Something which seems out of place, or not quite right for an undetermined reason.

There's definitely a caterpillar in the pudding down there.

somewhat similar to cow,' as in don't have a cathexis.

Example: Is that guy fronting on a cellular phone that doesn't work? A fight between women who don't know how to fight, but just scratch at each other.

Example: When that cute waitress started flirting with me, it was only a matter of time before my girlfriend and her got into a Cat Fight. where such misuse results in an amusing or ambiguous sentence.

A Rhode Island milk shake does not contain ice cream. Individuals who are of great arrogance, or who are wholly belonging to the mainstream society and laws of social conformity and use that to their advantage. No one has to tell you you're a Camperoo..just KNOW. Since carp are crap fish, I figure the definition makes sense.

Example: See the cellu-loser in the Honda over there?

Someone who is famous solely because she has a site on the internet. A corporate CEO who is indistiguishable from a court jester or buffoon--has engaged in buffoonish, foolish, or silly behavior--quite possibly criminal behavior, too.

The general state of affairs resulting from such a situation.

Example: I think something's wrong in the mailroom; I haven't gotten any mail since last week.

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Cacks are also identified as assholes or similar offensive names. Example: Some believe J Lo may have the most profound case of callipyge ever recorded. Short for Could Lose a few pounds Usually used to describe a female that is not ugly but slightly overweight. Can also be used followed by a number indicating the amount of weight needs to use. Example: Tyler's absence of complaints about the heat, ability to camp comfortably for three days with a minumum of gear, and campsite left exactly as he found it showed him to be a true Camperoo. Example: Bits of road c Arp and filth blew in her face as she drove down the interstate in a car without a windshield.

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