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It was the strength of her performance that was the best part of the film.---------------- Perhaps this would make an interesting poll question.----- The poll question: Most definitely, it's an issue for me.If things start to look too real, I usually don't enjoy it. In the kind of videos I like, the girl would almost certainly be excreting from her nether regions, but I don't want to see it. Go figure.) I prefer the "death thud" to the more realistic twitches which John M has in his films -- that's more a preference than a turn-off, though.Can you think of a particular film/scene that went too far for you? All my fantasies have some degree of realism, but to agree with Yik Yakker, it would have to be excessive blood and gore. Kelley as inspiration for scripts for the new WW show he's doing. That while the female character is in distress with a crotchrope splitting her, the real actress is OK with it. Yik Yakker - is that an elaborate torture device or is she appearing in some vile Brazilian version of "Road Warrior"? When I posted the review of FA 318 which was quite favorable it was exciting that there was a part 2 which was promptly ordered - due to my flawed thought process I made the assumption it would be a continuation of part 1, perhaps in the vein of the "Slave Island" series - but oh nay nay - there is no connection at all - the setting, time period, uniforms, villains and premise make it an utterly different movie and leaves me wondering how it came to be part 2 - and there is not one bit of bondage or torment in it - so if you have an irresistable impulse to watch a bunch of dudes in military uniform holding down and raping a bunch of chicks in military uniform then this is for you - I found it a yawn fest unworthy of review. I have seen in various Yahoo groups images of great brutality, decapitation, vivisection, things that if they were real would lead to the death penalty being imposed, yet these are supposed to be erotic. Sloth: That fa-pro "sequel" you ordered sounds like something more similar to Battlefield Gangbang, which was reviewed by me.Anything that detracts from the victim's beauty or is shown to be permanent can be a turn-off. When Trixie got her face beaten to a bloody pulp in ZFX's Ballista 2, I thought it was hot. This speaks to a point that I've noticed, and probably others have noticed, as well.

Obviously, the film worked for some but not others, but no one denies that Jane was excellent.

Come on, guys, make an effort and Is there a point where a bondage/ torture/ rape scene can lose its entertainment value because it is too realistic? Too brutal, too mean, too bullying, too sadistic, too merciless. As a lightweight or mediumweight gimper, I definitely have limits: things I don't want to see, would be bothered by, repulsed by.

Or does the fact that it's a fantasy mean that anything goes, in your opinion? I like realism, but I need some sense of, if ever so slight, that this is a performance. Poll question - yes we have had this before but as time passes and tastes change so do responses and perhaps some lurkers will come forth and get out of denial - when first asked I responded that perhaps there was such a film but I had yet to see it - couple years later I came back with a post stating that yes, I had now seen that movie where it became so realistic and brutal that all entertainment value was lost - that movie is the little known "The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael" that features a movie ending 10 minute home invasion/bondage rape/ murder scene I still find nearly unwatchable - others have come close such as "Chaos" and "Murder Set Pieces" but both for different reasons.

I'm giving you guys a chance to speak up and make yourself heard.

Is it possible that we have 1000 readers a day who don't have a single thought in their heads and who can't take 5 minutes to share what they think?

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But hell, the board has been slow and no one is saying much of anything, so let's try to get some dialogue started.