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Dating a dallas arbiter fuzz face

Ike Turner got a righteous fuzz tone from his combo amp after it fell off his car roof en route to a session; that fuzzed-out sound graced arguably the first rock and roll record – 1951’s “Rocket 88.” Grady Martin lucked on a malfunctioning channel in a mixing board to produce his rough-hewn Nashville sound.

Paul Burlison of the Rock and Roll Trio claimed he found his fuzz when a tube was knocked loose in his Fender Deluxe.

This caused the actual device to become a radio receiver.

When you connected the Fuzz Face to a guitar cable, the cable acted like a bloody antenna!

By making the circuit with a minimal number of parts, it made the circuit virtually unrepeatable.” Second, the germanium transistors of the day had such broad permissible manufacturing tolerances that getting a matched pair in one Fuzz Face was pure serendipity.

“The circuit was so crude and so interdependent that if one transistor was a bit higher-gain than the next stage, you couldn’t use it,” Mayer said.

“It varied from day to day because the biasing of the circuit was rarely stabilized,” Mayer recalled. It would work, but it rarely worked the same way twice.” Jimi used the Fuzz Face for gigs because it was the cheapest available. “The problem Jimi and I had with the Arbiter was that you had to buy 20 to find a decent one.

So I told him, ‘Let me take one Fuzz Face that works back to the lab and we’ll measure each component to see what’s doing what.’” Mayer’s secret modification was simply to “blueprint” them – mix the components until he had matched sets.

Electronics manufacturer Maestro understood, and in 1962 launched what was possibly the first fuzz effect, the Fuzz-Tone, which was soon heard on the Ventures’ “The 2,000 Pound Bee.” The most famous application was the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.” And a young Jimi is believed to have sported a Maestro during his journeyman days with Curtis Knight.Some players found these too harsh and hairy, but others embraced the early effects using BC108C or BC183L transistors – and their increased reliability.Jimi, too, used these silicon-transistor Fuzz Faces, but they brought a new issue.Many times in the States, we’d be swapping them out as he was playing. It was frustrating for Jimi and totally out of control most of the time.Playing live, we were unsure of what was going to happen!

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, he launched a new level of guitar heroics as well as a sartorial fad for ruffled shirts and band jackets. One of Jimi’s main weapons was the Arbiter Fuzz Face, a cheap, crude fuzz box that would become famous – and infamous – forever more. In fact, the search for good fuzz was long and proud.

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