Dating a club dj

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Once I figured out what EDM was I found myself at shows and events, , The Flourish.

The epitome of EDM style with multi-colored dreadlocks and snake-like dance moves, he's a talented guy I would have never met if it wasn't for dating a DJ.

Matthew Isaacs is a veteran of New York’s nightlife scene. A native New Yorker, Isaacs entered the biz at the ripe old age of 21 in the late 90s as a club promoter, then moved his way up the ranks to nightlife owner of SNAP Sports Bar, STASH, and the late CV lounge.Though currently flying solo, Isaacs has surprisingly been more of a relationship guy than a player throughout his career—his most recent relationship ending after an impressive four years.Was Isaac’s social lifestyle the reason for his past relationships’ demise?It was also the cause for the termination of a previous long-term relationship.Time and flexibility can also make or break a nightlife relationship.

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His job greatly affects whether or not potential love interests perceive him as boyfriend material. and I can't say that I'd feel any different if I were in [hesitant love interest’s] shoes, but I do wish that we were given more chances to prove that we're not the slimey, used-car salesmen, two-timers that people make us out to be,” Furthermore, Pruitt says he'd actually prefer to be in a relationship at this point.

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